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Always seeking a better way

Seth Okin
Seth Okin, DDS

I’ve always enjoyed learning. Moreover, I’ve always loved building things. From the time I was a child, I had great mechanical ability and manual dexterity.

While I was in college, I built my own 16-foot speedboat—from plans.

After graduating from dental school, I was interested in going on to specialize in oral surgery. But by that time, I had the responsibility of supporting a wife and two young children. So additional schooling was unfeasible.

Staying a step ahead

Still, I was enthusiastic about my new career and went to work in several dental offices to gain as much experience as possible. I took classes and seminars wherever and whenever I could. I wanted to learn to do everything.

In time, it became apparent to me that the future of dentistry was going in the direction of implants. I placed my first implant 13 years ago. At that time, implants weren’t popular. People were afraid of them. Nevertheless, I continued to work at perfecting the techniques involved.

Now, many general practitioners are taking courses to try to catch up.