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About me
Illustration of toothbrush design for which I was awarded a U.S. patent.
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Inventor of today’s toothbrush

Just as I always showed curiosity as a child, I approached dentistry with a desire to find a better way to do things. In 1987, I was granted a patent for the design of the wave toothbrush, a toothbrush that many of us are using today.

However, I clearly was a much better dentist and inventor than I was a businessman. I let the patent lapse.

The good news is that I always did and still do enjoy being a dentist. I look forward to coming to work every day.

Looking ahead

My greatest joy in practicing dentistry today is knowing that I can do virtually anything necessary to help any patient.

Progress in dentistry has been advanced by computer technology. And research is pushing the boundaries of what will soon be possible. For example, based on recent successes by researchers at the University of Tokyo, in a matter of a few years, it may be feasible to inject a patient’s own stem cells into the jaw and a new tooth will grow. Stem cells also will grow into new gum and facial tissue. We’ll be able to reverse the aging process in the mouth, and possibly, replace elastic tissue that has been lost over time.

I’m always eager to know what’s new and what’s coming. I will enjoy practing all the new technologies that come along.