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Oral surgery

Wisdom teeth
Illustration of impacted wisdom teeth
  • There are five reasons to perform oral surgery:
    • To remove impacted wisdom teeth and non-restorable teeth
    • Orthodontic purposes--e.g., if there's not enough space for the tooth
    • Loose teeth that are grossly decayed
    • Fractured teeth that cannot be repaired
    • Roots that remain in the jaw after a tooth has been fractured
  • Preventing bone loss—If I need to extract a non-viable tooth, I almost always recommend placement of bone substitute in the area in which the tooth previously occupied. The reason is that you can lose up to 40% of bone that previously existed around the root of the tooth within 6 months to a year if the socket isn't filled.
  • Proceeding with an implant—After tooth extraction, continuing with a dental implant is becoming more common.