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Why me

Because you deserve a healthy, beautiful smile

"Dentistry isn’t just a job to me. I practice because I truly enjoy it."

Dentistry isn’t just a job to me. I practice because I truly enjoy it. I love to see what’s new and coming in the field. And I love working with patients—learning about them and being able to fully explain the latest techniques, thereby helping them determine what choice of treatment will work best for them.

Many of my patients have been with me for 15 or 20 years. And I’m so pleased that most of my patients recommend me to their friends.

You’ll know that I really care about you: When you become a patient, you can expect technical excellence. Moreover, every experience you have in my office will demonstrate my concern for you as a patient and as an individual.

Personal interviews, not forms

I never have anyone fill out a “New Patient” form while they're sitting in the waiting room.

Knowing a patient’s medical history is extremely important. So I take the time to do it the right way. Here are some of the questions that I’ll go over with you in person—and the reasons why:

Questions we go over Why your answers are important
Are you allergic to shellfish? If you are, I know not to use iodine.
Do you have liver problems, including hepatitis? If so, I know not to prescribe Tylenol.
Do you have stomach ulcers? No aspirin or NSAIDS. We’ll talk about GERD and explore frequent indigestion.
What medications are you taking? Quick way to determine chronic conditions.
Do you have hypertension? Knowing about high blood pressure enables me to make better decisions about short-or-long-acting local anesthetics, in particular. Also, before any type of surgery, I carefully check blood pressure and pulse rate.
What medication allergies do you have? I need to be careful about prescribing penicillin or other antibiotics, plus certain pain relieving medications.
Do you have asthma? If so, I know to insist that you have an inhaler with you.
Do you have epilepsy? If so, I need to check that you took your medication before you came here.
Do you have arthritis? Some patients can only be in a chair for a certain amount of time. So that helps me determine the best scheduling for that patient. Also, I can offer special pillows for people with neck arthritis.
Do you have glaucoma? Certain anesthetics are best for those who have glaucoma, because they won’t exacerbate their problems.